Industrial Vacuuming 

Arizona Industrial Municipal Services (AIMS) is equipped with the best vacuum trucks to collect various types of waste, wet or dry, hazardous and non-hazardous. We will use the right equipment based on the job and material requested to be removed.

To meet the needs of our power plant, waste to energy, and industrial customers, the AIMS Industrial Services fleet is constantly being serviced, upgraded and kept in the best condition for any job.

Our industrial vacuuming services include:

Fly Ash
AIMS personnel will remove ash from boiler systems, precipitators, stacks, hoppers, bag housing, top and bottom ash collection points and duct work using air-moving vacuum equipment. Ash for water cooling ring lines are used to slurry ash, eliminating any future dust at dump sites.

Dust can be controlled by our vacuuming equipment and the use of bag housing and cyclones. Our vacuum trucks are utilized to extract any dust and eliminate future build up.

Vacuum Service
In the course of industrial operations, it often becomes a necessity to move large amounts of material, quickly and safely. In many cases, the use of heavy equipment is impossible. Utilizing 16 cubic and 21 cubic yard vacuum trucks, AIMS is able to remove materials from difficult to access locations. This service not only addresses the initial problem, but also adds compliance to environmental issues through the elimination of fugitive dust. It is important to note, that no hazardous or non-hazardous materials (wet or dry) are ever transported off the customer’s premises.

Catch Basin
Maintaining catch basins requires the removal of obstructive materials in storm drainage systems. Drainage systems including ditches, drain lines, catch basins, and entire storm drain systems can be cleaned. AIMS provides general cleaning for waste found from beams, piping, duct work, and machinery in manufacturing buildings; and handle interior and exterior spill removal in plant buildings. Catch basin cleaning is a popular task that AIMS often has customers request. We will pump out or clean out catch basin pits, storm water manholes and trenches.

Water Intake
Sediments and debris can be removed as AIMS monitors the screen areas.

Power Plants
Boilers dead air space can be cleaned by removing ash from various locations including duct work, hoppers, precipitators, bag houses and stacks. Coal spills can be cleaned, handled and processed and additional areas where ash may accumulate in exposed surfaces will be cleaned and removed by our staff.

Water Treatment Plants
AIMS provides the WWTP with removal and replacement of filter media service thus minimizing lose of production and vast cost savings.